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Chris Chudzik, aka To Kool Chris/TKC, owner and founder of TKC Entertainment and Dance Factory Radio, has been working on getting dance music back on the radio ever since Energy 92.7/92.5 had left the airwaves.  After a few years, on May 19, 2006, Dance Factory became a reality.  We are one of about four dance stations left on the FM frequency in the country and we are going strong.  


Listen to us live in Chicago on 92.7 FM from 7pm-5am every night seven days a week. 

DJ VG       **  Mon thru Thurs from7pm-Midnite.

Luis2Live **  Fri & Sat from 7pm – Midnite.


Dance Factory is built for Chicago with music that has an energy altogether different than anything else on the radio.  The music has appeal, and the signature Factory mix includes:

About Us

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